I’d be looking at Marine Makrolon vs plexiglass due to weight and flexibility issues. Strataglass has shot through the roof. Upholstery: Ultraleather, Nautolex. All Rights Reserved. Depending on the year Sea Ray used Strataglass / Makrolon / EZ2CY on the Sedans. © Copyright 2019 Strataglass, LLC. vs. clear2sea uv ™ -6.5° cool2sea™ vs. Makrolon® AR2 .060 -8° cool2sea™ vs. StrataGlass™ -9.75° cool2sea™ vs. Aqua Glas PMG -8.125° cool2sea™ vs. shade from black OUTDURA® fabric +9° Click here to view how testing was performed. Crazing are small spider cracks in the plastic. Strataglass vs 40mm plastic Discussion in 'Sport Cruisers' started by jmunro123, May 1, 2008. Lexan® is a brand name for SABIC (Saudi Basic … amazon_color_link="206BA2"; In the marine industry, there are two general types of boat enclosures: soft and rigid. 1 like; Comment. My dodger has Makralon for the 3 front panels, the middle panel folds up out of the way. F. Fishtales Well-Known Member. If the material is damaged, scratched, or warped, replacement is typically costly and because it is rigid you will likely have to replace the whole thing. Im told it happens due the thinkness of the material. Visibility is clear with this material, and it can also be coated with scratch and UV resistant chemicals. Im told it happens due the thinkness of the material. It looks like glass. { The center piece is the only one that I snap up to to the hard top when under way and is never bent. amazon_ad_tag="boatfixnet-20"; Well, the answer depends on what you’re looking for. is a clear plastic and it is semi-rigid, meaning it’s very inflexible. I think we had a thread about this a few years back if someone wants to do the search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > May 1, 2008 #1. jmunro123 Member. They use the thinner material as they … amazon_ad_title="BoaterEd Store"; //--> August 25, 2015. It's a polycarbonate made by Bayer Material Science.. Canvas: Sunbrella, Ferrari Stamoid, Sea Mark. I have Makrolon on my boat so far with out incident. There is no distortion whatsoever. Also in most cases you can't really take it off because you can't roll it up to store it. Strat being superior. The manufacturer recc's a thicker material then the Canvas guys use. Crazing are small spider cracks in the plastic. { Strataglass must only have the IMAR Strataglass cleaner used on it or just plain old water. In any event it is no harder to maintain and it looks great! Since that time, it has been adopted into the automotive and architectural industries as well as a few other niche markets. function go2() amazon_ad_logo="hide"; amazon_color_logo="FFFFFF"; { Find 12-gauge to 80-gauge clear plastic vinyl options, depending on the thickness you need. And, it is one of the best additions you can make to a boat unless you insist on removing the front panels all the time. Feb 2, 2008 ... Makrolon! } I have my bridge done in Crystal Clear 20/20 and my aft deck enclosure done in Makrolon. The material is flexible and scratches can be repaired, thus, you save on replacement costs. Strataglass’ has a marine life of 2-5 years when properly cleaned and maintained using Strataglass Protective Cleaner and Strataglass Protective Polish by IMAR, as directed by the manufacturer. Makrolon® GP polycarbonate has a relatively soft surface that mars easily with wiping action. These are typically made of a malleable textile like. Makrolon. But polycarbonate isn’t soft like clear vinyl, so it can’t be rolled up and must be unzipped to remove it from the frame. , you can roll it, coat it, maintain it, and replace it in a cost effective, easy process. }. The material is flexible and scratches can be repaired, thus, you save on replacement costs. With a soft material like Strataglass, you can roll it, coat it, maintain it, and replace it in a cost effective, easy process. When this stuff fails I have no problems replacing. Actually Makrolon polycarbonate holds a curve beautifully. function go4() Helm Enclosure Options. Then it's time for a canvas enclosure. Strataglass boat enclosures are made from a vinyl and polyester composite and come with a warranty, special scratch resistant coatings, and hardy resistance to overspray, runoff, and pollutants. The material also dents when struck by hard objects, and water spots are difficult to remove. The clarity of Makrolon is near perfect. Another option by Regalite is O'sea clear vinyl, simalar to strataglass. Here's my thought: 1) ACRYLIC (aka Plexiglass): UV resistant, scratch resistant, stiff but cracks if bent, can be heat-formed, priced same as base polycarbonate (Lexan). { What I was told was they no long made what I had since the started making macralon. amazon_ad_link_target="new"; The Strataglass is worth it. The 550 is virtually the same boat as the 58 as far as the Sedans are concerned, changed the name and a few other options. Sunbrella, Weblon, Herculite, Isinglass, Makrolon, EZ2CY, and Strataglass are just some of the options to choose from for a cockpit cover, bimini, or dodger. STRATAGLASS. The manufacturer recc's a thicker material then the Canvas guys use. if (document.selecter5.select5.options[document.selecter5.select5.selectedIndex].value != "none") Strataglass® VueShield™ offers additional UV resistance to protect the boat, passengers and furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. amazon_ad_width="728"; Is Lexan® the same as Makrolon® or Polycarbonate?. When it comes to clear vinyl, PanoramaFR is the best of the best. amazon_color_logo="FFFFFF"; What’s the difference between these two materials? Jim Gandee 1989 3888 Hino 175's Fire Escape [email protected] Alamitos Bay, SoCal. location = document.selecter3.select3.options[document.selecter3.select3.selectedIndex].value Strataglass is also less expensive than rigid enclosures which means you get more bang for your buck. The coated sheet vinyl is great for added UV protection and scratch … amazon_color_link="206BA2"; amazon_ad_title="Hunting and Fishing"; //--> } 370. I am consideering replacing it with Macrolon but would like opinions from those who have it. { Ready for some shade or rain protection? The optics are that good . Coated, clear vinyl sheets such as Strataglass® and O'Sea® which are available in 20, 30, 40 and 60 gauges; Semi-Rigid products such as polycarbonate (Lexan® and Makrolon®) and acrylic (Plexiglas®) The most common plastic used is clear vinyl sheets. TUFFAK® GP-V (Polycarbonate) TUFFAK® GP-V polycarbonate sheet is a polished surface, UV stabilized, transparent polycarbonate product. More information about Strataglass and its marine enclosures. } This proprietary coating makes the product resistant to minor scratches and swirl marks that are common to clear vinyl products in the harsh marine environment. So the old dodger has some super cheap plastic vinyl windows, and while they looked *really* good when we first added them (we replaced the windows and the zippers in the old dodger before finally declaring it dead last winter), they didn’t hold up at all. Let’s break it down: So, how do you know which material is right for you and your project? amazon_ad_width="728"; { if (document.selecter1.select1.options[document.selecter1.select1.selectedIndex].value != "none") amazon_ad_height="90"; I just got photos from the installer and can't wait to see it. of options and prices. As budget-minded consumers, we tend to look for the most affordable product. Flooring: Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl. } I was thinking about the Acrylic vs Makrolon AR considerations a little more over the weekend. My strata is been in the sun for 7 seasons and is getting cloudy. Boat enclosures come in a variety of options and prices. Better than Strataglass. 2968 Ravenswood Rd, #107Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Although not as flexible as Strataglass, Makrolon is almost crystal clear, much better optically! Makrolon® Cleaning Instructions Periodic cleaning of Makrolon® polycarbonate, using correct procedures with compatible household cleaners, is recommended to prolong the service life of your material. Strataglass is a clear, press-polished, poly-vinyl sheet (PVC) with a special, scratch resistant coating. We will share anything and everything you want to know about the plastics industry.