«Astra Leasing» is a leasing company which provides financial, operational and redemption leasing in all regions of Ukraine.

Huge experience of "Astra Leasing" experts in the leasing industry enables us to find the most effective leasing solutions and put them into practice thus contributing to the strategic development of our clients' businesses.


  • business development through financial lease
  • a high level of service and individual approach
  • flexibility in the relationship for the whole period of leasing operations
  • long-term and mutually beneficial partnership

In cooperation with partners (manufacturers and suppliers of leased assets, credit and insurance institutions) «Astra Leasing» always finds solutions that contribute to the financial market of easy and profitable leasing solutions. Realization of each client’s demands helps better the financial culture in the leasing market.

Currently, «Astra Leasing» is growing successfully. New financial solutions are being introduced, package of services is expanding and our highly professional team provides our customers with the service of the highest quality in the field of leasing.