Car lease is one of the most effective tools to renew and expand car fleet of any enterprise.

«Astra Leasing» offers different kinds of passenger and commercial vehicles for lease from official world dealers and domestic manufacturers. Lease financing can be granted for the purchase of a new car and car with mileage.


  • lease company administers the payment of mandatory fees and taxes, the state registration of the car, as well as the compulsory technical inspection
  • lease company directly enters into CASCO and OSAGO insurance agreements with leading insurance companies, monitors insurance payouts in case of insurance event
  • The lease payments may include: service and guarantee maintenance costs; selection of seasonal replacement and storage of tires, etc. The customer just arrives at the suitable and prearranged time to the car service. Registering for the servicing and service fee are laid upon the Lessor.

The client chooses a convenient schedule of lease payments and coordinates monthly installments, which allows the company to effectively manage the enterprise and fix the future costs of vehicle fleet for several years ahead.

To offer the best terms of the deal «Astra Leasing» always takes into account the specifics business features and the customers’ demands.

Submit a Lease Request right now online. Our manager will contact you to discuss the terms of financing and to calculate the lease payment schedule.