Special Vehicles and Equipment Lease is one of the most effective tools for updating and enriching the fixed assets of any enterprise.

Property acquired in lease covers all lease payments and brings benefits to the enterprise from the first day of operation. However, the main advantage of lease operations lies in possibility to use the object of lease without paying its full cost.

«Astra Leasing» rents out different types of special vehicles and equipment, both domestic and foreign production.

Lease financing can be granted for the acquiring new and second-hand special vehicles.


  • Municipal vehicles used for clearing and cleaning
  • Construction machinery (loaders, excavators, cranes, etc.)
  • Agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters and other machinery for agricultural work)
  • Automotive equipment for heavy loads transportation
  • Access equipment for cargo loading and transportation (scaffold trucks, tail lifts, hydraulic manipulators)


  • Lease of banking equipment
  • Lease of metal-processing and woodworking machinery
  • Leasing of trade, storage, technological and energy equipment
  • Leasing of equipment for service stations and restaurants

«Astra Leasing» successfully implemented a large number of projects for equipment financing. We would be delighted to get to know your projects on condition that they meet the following criteria.


  • Identification of the equipment (the exact name, type, make, model, modification; vehicle identification number or sequential production number, manufacturer, year of production)
  • Equipment liquidity (presence of similar equipment in the market and the existence of trading market)
  • The equipment must be new
  • It would be preferred that you have a re-purchase agreement with the supplier

«Astra Leasing» always takes into account the specific business fEATURES and the customers demands to offer the best deal terms.

To Become «Astra Leasing» Customer is EASY. Just make a query for leasing on-line. Our manager will contact you shortly to discuss the terms of funding, and to calculate of the lease payment schedule.