Lease of lorries and passenger motor transport is an effective financial tool enabling large-scale investments in the development of material and technical base of any enterprise without any need to attract borrowed funds neither to use your own.

One of the activities of the leasing company "Astra Leasing" is the leasing of all types of freight motor transport and passenger cars of both domestic and foreign production. Cooperation with lead manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of trucks and passenger vehicles as well as good knowledge of the lease market gives us possibility to create the best lease deals based on the customers’ demands.

Lease financing can be granted for the purchase of new vehicles and for vehicles with mileage.

Types of freight motor transport for leasing:

  • Commercial vehicles for different purposes (trucks, trailers, caravans, tents, car transporters and others)
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Tractor Units
  • Semitrailers
  • Trailers

Types of passenger vehicles for leasing:

  • Vans
  • Buses (urban, suburban, intercity, tourist)
  • Special buses (buses to transport pupils, passengers at the airports and other)

«Astra Leasing» always takes into account the specifics business traits and customers demands to offer the most favorable deal terms.

Please make a query to lease a car online. Our manager will contact you shortly to discuss the terms of funding, and the calculation of the lease payment schedule.